Not A Flying Toy

30 August 2005 | Meta | 1 kommentar

“A pretentious blog” by Jørund Rian.

1 kommentar

  1. Tyafo skrev den 30 Aug 2005 at 11:07 pm:

    I’d say kill the red. Now they want to copy Jamie Oliver’s school lunch project without doing the math. And just to make matters worse, force everyone to eat eco food that taste like feet, so the children wont outcast the poor 10% which for some reason, don’t have upstanding parents that make them a sweaty puritan lunch everyday.I particular like the idea they have that this will hide who is poor, smart or downright stupid. This way of trying to handle children’s cruelty, isn’t just dumb, it is also dangerous.
    And while I am venting, these nice upstanding people are also trying to enforce stronger class ties in Vikingvile so nobody dares to vote above their station in life.

    thumbs up, braless ladies, the world is now a safer place!

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